40 Days Day 2-60

Maga was too far away to hear what being said in the patio, but it was clear that tensions were running hot.   She absentmindely cleaned a glass while keeping an eye on the only customers in the cantina in the last few hours.   The Wookie was sitting ramrod straight and stared straight ahead, occasionally offering a quick roar but otherwise eerily still.

The T’wilek woman, on the other hand, wouldn’t stop moving.  She was the only of the group on her feet, and she was definitely using her feet.   She’d pace. Then she’d stop, waving her hands, saying something very fast.  And she’d pace again.

The human male sitting at the table next to the Wookie watched the t’wilek woman. He was shaking his knee, and his face was beet red.  Every now and then he’d start to say something and then shut down if the T’wilek woman looked his way.

The human female also at the table interrupted the T’wilek woman every now and then, quietly and calmly.  She didn’t look at anyone else, and as soon as she finished speaking, she took a quick slug at the drink in front of her.   The T’wilek  woman listened to her speak, considered what she said, and then started pacing again.

Another human male leaned against the wall by the table, drawing circles in the dust with his foot.  He spoke over the T’wilek woman every now and then, though she tensed at his voice, she deliberately avoided looking at him or otherwise acknowledge him.

Knowing that her customers did not need her immediately, Maga went to the back storeroom to grab a few extra bottles.  While the cantina was fairly quiet right now, the evening would be busy.

When she returned, nothing had changed on the patio.  The group was still more or less in the same position, and their drinks were more or less at the same level.  They didn’t need her for awhile.

This conversation, if it could be called that, went on for a few minutes, seemingly without resolution.  Finally, an astromech droid–older, dirty, and determined–rolled up from the street outside the patio.  Everyone stopped and stared at it, and the T’wilek woman moved aside to let the droid pass.  It stopped at the table next to the Wookie, and the rest of the group moved closer to huddle around it.

The droid projected a hologram to the middle of the group, and Maga could not see the hologram.  Everyone started intently at the hologram, immobile.

After a minute, the hologram ended, and the T’wilek woman started pacing again.  The human male next to the Wookie slumped in his seat and the human female leaned back and crossed her arms over her chest.  The human male walked back to the wall, and banged on it with his hands.  The Wookie roared.

Maga never learned to understand Wookies, but something in this roar caught Maga’s attention.  It seemed to have caught the attention of everyone else, because they also looked at the Wookie.  The Wookie pointed at the human male against the wall and started talking.  The human dropped his head. He then roared at the T’wilek woman, talking to her with choppy yelps, and she stared at him, and slowly nodded her head.

The human female asked the Wookie a question, and he put his arm around her, pulling her close. She rested her head against his chest, nodding.  The Wookie then looked at the human male sitting next to her and gave a short roar.

The human male smiled, said something, and everyone in the group started laughing.  Even the other human male had difficulty controlling his smirk.

Soon the aura of tension had left the group.  The Wookie was no longer staring straight ahead. The human at the table stopped shaking his knee, and leaned into the group.  The T’wilek woman sat down at the table and asked a few questions, and she looked at the human at the wall when he answered them.  The human female kept her head on the Wookie’s chest, and she smiled and nodded at the conversation.    And soon, the drinks were empty.

Maga left the counter and walked over to the patio.

“Are you all all right?  Need anything else?”

The Wookie roared.

“I think we’ll need another round,” the T’wilek woman said.  “We’re going to need it.”