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40 Days Day 3-2

Wake up.  Wake up, dammit.  Look around, but don’t take too long.

Yes.  Wake up and get up and get out of here.  Worry about the others later.  Get out of here.  Look at this mess, but don’t spend too much time looking.  Grab your bag, grab your comm, grab some food, and go.

Walk outside.  Look at the explosion damage. Try not to trip over the body in front of the building. Make sure it’s no one you know, but don’t spend too much time looking. Try not to throw up.

Keep walking.

Stay close to the walls. Try not to be seen, but keep an eye out for movement, for people.  Jump with a start at a loud sound, but don’t look back. Feel the adrenaline coursing through your body. Decide that flight may be better than fright.  Keep walking.

Turn on the com. Yell at yourself for not having it on before.  Listen for someone familiar.  Sigh at the silence.

Keep walking.

Look around without looking at the details.  Marvel that you survived. Avoid thinking too much about what happened.  Avoid thinking about all of the people you know here.  Avoid thinking about what you’re going to do next.

Keep walking.

Stop.  Look at the garden in the park.  Look at the roses.  Look at how they are unscathed.  Remember being here when the rest of the park was unscathed.   Collapse on the ground and sob uncontrollably.

Get control of yourself.  Look around to make sure no one saw your display.  Get up. Look at the roses again.  Grab a rose and stick it in your jacket lapel.

Keep walking.

Hear an explosion in the distance.  Wait for a reaction.  Wait a bit more just in case.  Decide it was an unexploded grande or a fire hit a gas line.

Keep walking in the direction away from the explosion.  Walk some more, even though it’s beginning to look like nothing survived.



Run towards your ship.

Examine the hull.  Feel for cracks. Look at it carefully closely.  Step away. Look at it from a distance.

Decide nothing has been booby trapped.  Decide everything looks safe.

Open the hatch, and step away quickly.  Wait for detonation.  Wait a second longer.  Decide it’s safe.

Board the ship.  Look around. Check for signs of entry, signs that someone was here.  Find nothing out of the ordinary.  Stow the bag, but keep the comm.  Munch on a protein bar.  Take a swig from the flask in the galley.   Run diagnostics, and check inventory.

Settle into the cockpit and check fuel and run preflight procedures.  Turn on the beacon,  just in case someone survived.

Secure the hull. Secure the hatch. Secure anything loose in the main cabin.

Get ready to go.  Look out the cockpit one last time, scanning the chaos and destruction.  Announce on the comm that you’re leaving.  Give anyone who survived ten minutes to get there.

Get ready for takeoff.  Glance out the cockpit, and jump.

Run to the hatch.  Open the hatch.  Run to the figure waving at the ship.  Hug her with every fiber of your being.  Bring her on board, strap her in, and get the hell out of this hellhole.