Monthly Archives: April 2013

Sleeping dogs lie

Fusilli and Celosa are asleep as I’m writing this. Graham is working. It’s raining and has been for a long time. This was surprise storm, and a welcome one. We’ve needed the rain.

I spent a good hunk of the morning working in the yard, pulling stuff out from under the palm tree and trimming vines that are creeping over the fence.

Groove getting

I ordered a birthday present for papa today.

He’s been wearing wolf shirts from The Mountain for a few years now, and it’s almost become a ritual for us to get him one for his birthday or Christmas or whatever. I think he wears them, in part, because they annoy mama. But now, everyone in the family has embraced the shirts, and we think of him immediately when we see one.

His birthday is right around the time that we’ll feel safe telling a wider net of friends and family about the baby. So Graham and I figured that if we got this onesie:

and gave it to papa for his birthday with another shirt for himself, he’ll be able to figure out what’s going on.

My drop of blood on Tuesday seemed to be a one off.