Monthly Archives: December 2011


Today I woke up, got dressed and ran this route:

I haven’t run that far in five years, and I feel pretty good about it.  The first three miles were pretty wonderful. I never really felt tired and I never felt the need to stop.  I got confused on the route, since parts of it were under construction, in the third mile, but I was able to get back and run again.

My ipod thinks that I run faster than I do. I suspect my gait is shorter than it thinks it is.  I ended up running about a mile less than it thinks I ran, but I’m ok with that. It makes me think that I’m doing very well, and that’s what I need to do right now. When I’m much, much better, I’ll recalibrate the ipod.

I finished my barre bootcamp on Friday, and it was a success. I fit into jeans I haven’t been able to wear in four years, and I feel just better in general about my state of health. I ache, but it’s a good ache.  I am flexible and strong and feel much more like myself.