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And seven

This week was relatively without incident. I haven’t seen spotting in a week, though I expect it tomorrow, since Graham and I had sex today. I’ve read many places that it’s not uncommon at all to have some bleeding after sex.

We still have a week to go before the first doctor’s appointment.  It doesn’t seem so far away now, though I still am waiting for it to hurry up and get here.  Half of me thinks there’s something terribly wrong that will come up during the appointment. Half of me thinks that everything is perfectly fine.  I won’t know for another 9 days. And even if everything is fine then there’s the screenings. And then tons of other things between now and delivery.

Oh well, I suspect that the rest of my life will be spent worrying about this kid.

I had a disappointment at work this week.  I suppose it could be a mixed blessing, but it was personally upsetting. I’ll get over it. I always do. But it was something that made me question my self-worth, which always sucks.


Six on six

I entered my sixth week of pregnancy with panic.  I’d been spotting on and off since Tuesday, but when I got in touch with my doctor’s office, they said not to worry unless it was a lot of blood or accompanied by cramping.

I never had any cramping at all, though I did have bouts of nausea and my boobs feel really sore these days.  I’d check every time I’d go to the bathroom, which of course is a lot, and there’d be a bit of brown. It’d frustrate me that there was still some spotting, but I’d reassure myself that everything was ok because of the color.

I went about my days without worrying about it too much.  I got some major projects done at work. I got the house organized.  I worked with Fusilli.  And on Saturday, I graduated from the School of Public Health, and Claudia threw a great party for me. Crawfish boil with lots of people stopping by throughout the day.  It was a long day, but it was an exhausting day.

Sunday, I spent the morning cleaning up after the party. There were chairs and tables to rearrange. The back yard needed some straightening out.  Dishes to wash inside.  It wasn’t hard work, but it was work. Graham had come back late the night before, and only Fusilli helped me with my various tasks.

Later, after Graham woke up and I got dressed,  we got ready to go out for some lunch. It was a beautiful day, and I was hoping for something on a patio for lunch.  Right before we left, I went to the bathroom, and this time it wasn’t brown. It was pink.

I panicked.  There wasn’t much, and it was very diluted. My cervix was still high, and there wasn’t much blood. But it was different and new and it scared me.  Graham turned white when I showed him.  We still went out, but I was so distracted that I couldn’t make a decision about where to eat, so we came home. Graham found something to carry away instead.

I spent a few hours researching, and since I didn’t feel any cramps and the blood wasn’t copious, it seemed like we didn’t have much to worry about.   I calmed down, and by the time other family members came over, the panic was a distant memory.

Today, there has been no blood at all. Not even the brown stuff from before.  I think it was just one of those things, and I’m not so terrified.  And, it turns out I’ve lost about four pounds in the last few weeks. I think it’s due to the healthy foods I’m eating now that I’m worried about the little one.

Mama and I went to lunch, and we chatted about some baby stuff, but other stuff too. I’m glad that I’m back to feeling more calm and serene about it, but I suspect that mini-panics will come more frequently from now on.

My first appointment is in two weeks.  I’m so looking forward to it.

A Special Announcement

Graham and I told Mama and Papa today.

I was talking to them yesterday, and I realized that I nearly slipped about half way through the conversation.  I realized that there was no way that I’d be able to keep this from them for much longer.

So when Graham called me while I was at lunch with them to tell me that the tee shirt for Papa arrived today, I knew that we should go ahead and do it.  I told him to bring both shirts and come over to the restaurant.

About ten minutes later, he was there.

We gave the bag with the shirts to papa, and I explained that it was sort of a mother’s day present, but also sort of a birthday present for papa, but really, it was a Christmas present.  They looked confused. Papa pulled out the big shirt first and looked at it. Then he pulled out the onesie and looked dumbly at it.

Mama burst into tears.  Papa looked dumbly at her.  “What is it?”

Mama said, “It’s for a baby!” Papa’s jaw literally dropped.

I grinned at both of them, and mama looked overjoyed. Papa looked confused.  I told them I  was due in December, around Christmas time. They still looked shocked, and it took a few minutes for the fact that I’m pregnant to sink in.  Papa was sort of quiet. Mama had questions. We told them that they had to start thinking about what they wanted to be called by the baby.  Mama, ever the practical one, started brainstorming on various pieces of furniture to bring to us.  Papa asked health related questions.

Papa asked me to forgive him in advance for all of the stuff he’s going to say between now and when the baby comes. He confessed that he’ll be a nervous wreck.

After the shock wore off, it was a lovely lunch, and everyone was just so very, very happy.

I went back to work to find a little spotting, but it’s brown which means it’s old blood. And the nurse from my doctor’s office got back to me saying that I shouldn’t worry unless there’s lots of cramping or lots of blood. There’s neither, but I seem to always have to pee.

I called Jose to tell him. He answered with “Is this important? I have a lot of people coming over. Can I call you back?” I said, sure, I just called to tell you I’m pregnant. He gasped, didn’t know what to say, stammered for a second about well, yeah, that is important, and then his guests showed up.  I promised to call later.

Nausea hit me hard today. I didn’t throw up, but I definitely wasn’t feeling good. It was touch and go for awhile, so I just kept on drinking water.  Seemed to help.

Over the course of the day, Graham told each of his siblings, and we called Jan together when I got home.  She was overjoyed.  Later, we talked to Bill and Kathy, and they were surprised and happy.  I think this baby is going to be very well received.

I have an acupuncture session in the morning. I’m sure that I’ll feel pretty good afterwards. I’m really looking forward to it.



I had my first bout of nausea yesterday.  I didn’t throw up, but I just felt ill after eating a handful of M&Ms at work.  It got particularly bad as I got home.  I sucked on some ginger candy and sat down for awhile with Fusilli, and the feeling subsided.  But I also had a bit of heartburn last night and didn’t really feel like eating much.

Up until now, I didn’t think I’d have any morning sickness feelings, but I can feel them starting.  I’m looking forward to asking mama what she went through, though it’s been so long since she was pregnant that I’m sure some of the memories are gone or mixed up or otherwise muted.  Three more weeks.

Graham and I are likely going to tell mama and papa shortly after the doctor’s appointment. Maybe even that day.  We were going to wait two weeks after that, but things just get complicated with travel and events and the like.

I like that my pregnancy is tracking the seasons.  My first trimester is roughly the duration of spring. Second, summer. Third fall.  I give birth right around the time that winter starts.

I’m going to the spin class tonight. I think it will be good for me to do. I won’t work too hard, but it’s been awhile since I’ve worked out. Not since before I found out I was pregnant.

Sleeping dogs lie

Fusilli and Celosa are asleep as I’m writing this. Graham is working. It’s raining and has been for a long time. This was surprise storm, and a welcome one. We’ve needed the rain.

I spent a good hunk of the morning working in the yard, pulling stuff out from under the palm tree and trimming vines that are creeping over the fence.  It wasn’t hard, but it was time consuming and laborious.  I took it easy, limiting myself to two hours total. But it was necessary.  And I have a little more to do tomorrow.

Afterwards, I cancelled a yoga appointment, and Graham and I went to lunch and then to Marshalls to check out some of the baby stuff there. We walked away with three onesies. Terribly cute.

I’ve been nesting a little today, too. I purged part of my closet and drawers.  Some stuff, like the workout gear for high intensity workouts and skinny jeans, went upstairs to the attic for retrieval later.  Other stuff I just got rid of.  If it fit, but I just don’t wear it, I tossed it.  There’s enough room in the closet now for a shelf for the baby. Graham and I are storing the things we buy there now.  Over time, I’m sure we’ll make more room. But for now, a shelf is a big deal.  I have a dresser in the attic that will be for the baby, and my old bed is at the ranch.

Right now, the plan is that the baby will sleep in our room for the first few months.  If we’re able to do the expansion next spring, then the baby will move to the nursery (which will either be our room now, or a room that is built in the expansion, depending on how the expansion goes).  If not, we’ll rearrange the house so the living part is on one side and the sleeping is on the other.  Hopefully, we can do the expansion.

Last night, we went to Barnes and Noble and bought a few baby books. We got the What to Expect…. and another one called Expecting 411 that is a little more casual. I’m reading that one tonight.

It’s not yet 9:30 and I’m already getting exhausted.  I knew that this would likely happen today, since I worked a lot this morning on the garden stuff.  It’s just always surprising how very quickly it hits me.  I’m going to try to hold out for 10:30, but I’m not sure that I’ll make it.