Daily Archives: May 1, 2013

A Special Announcement

Graham and I told Mama and Papa today.

I was talking to them yesterday, and I realized that I nearly slipped about half way through the conversation.  I realized that there was no way that I’d be able to keep this from them for much longer.

So when Graham called me while I was at lunch with them to tell me that the tee shirt for Papa arrived today, I knew that we should go ahead and do it.  I told him to bring both shirts and come over to the restaurant.

About ten minutes later, he was there.

We gave the bag with the shirts to papa, and I explained that it was sort of a mother’s day present, but also sort of a birthday present for papa, but really, it was a Christmas present.  They looked confused. Papa pulled out the big shirt first and looked at it. Then he pulled out the onesie and looked dumbly at it.

Mama burst into tears.  Papa looked dumbly at her.  “What is it?”

Mama said, “It’s for a baby!” Papa’s jaw literally dropped.

I grinned at both of them, and mama looked overjoyed. Papa looked confused.  I told them I  was due in December, around Christmas time. They still looked shocked, and it took a few minutes for the fact that I’m pregnant to sink in.  Papa was sort of quiet. Mama had questions. We told them that they had to start thinking about what they wanted to be called by the baby.  Mama, ever the practical one, started brainstorming on various pieces of furniture to bring to us.  Papa asked health related questions.

Papa asked me to forgive him in advance for all of the stuff he’s going to say between now and when the baby comes. He confessed that he’ll be a nervous wreck.

After the shock wore off, it was a lovely lunch, and everyone was just so very, very happy.

I went back to work to find a little spotting, but it’s brown which means it’s old blood. And the nurse from my doctor’s office got back to me saying that I shouldn’t worry unless there’s lots of cramping or lots of blood. There’s neither, but I seem to always have to pee.

I called Jose to tell him. He answered with “Is this important? I have a lot of people coming over. Can I call you back?” I said, sure, I just called to tell you I’m pregnant. He gasped, didn’t know what to say, stammered for a second about well, yeah, that is important, and then his guests showed up.  I promised to call later.

Nausea hit me hard today. I didn’t throw up, but I definitely wasn’t feeling good. It was touch and go for awhile, so I just kept on drinking water.  Seemed to help.

Over the course of the day, Graham told each of his siblings, and we called Jan together when I got home.  She was overjoyed.  Later, we talked to Bill and Kathy, and they were surprised and happy.  I think this baby is going to be very well received.

I have an acupuncture session in the morning. I’m sure that I’ll feel pretty good afterwards. I’m really looking forward to it.